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Wheelchair accessible property for rent and for sale worldwide


Many disabled people worldwide dream of travelling abroad to relax on a holiday but in many cases they are limited as they can't find suitable accessible properties for their needs. In every city, town or village there are few properties which have suitable standards so a disabled traveller can have a accessible stay in a apartment,hotel or villa.Luckily in today's every changing world standards for disabled people are changing and eventually properties are becoming more and more accessible.

What is a accessible property?

Accessible for a disabled traveller can vary to person to person. In general many disabled people use wheelchairs so in an ideal world the following features for a accessible room for a holiday vacation is as follows.

  • Wide doors
  • Ramp into the property
  • Accessible bathroom
  • Roll in shower
  • Hoist overhead or portable
  • Bed with space below for portable hoist to slide underneath
  • Hard wearing flooring

If the above requirements were in hotel rooms,apartments or villas disabled travellers could happily travel anywhere worldwide.

Disabledapartments.com is a community website to bring together disabled people and property owners to rent,buy,sell accessible disabled properties so disabled people worldwide can have accessible vacation holidays by coming to Disabledapartments.com to book their accessible property for their next holiday vacation..


Feel free to look around our website for your next holiday as we are always adding to our portfolio of properties worldwide.Why not try for your next holiday a accessible property in our portfolio of resorts worldwide.
Browse our website to find your prefect accessible destination below are our popular resorts:


Malta,Caribbean,Majorca,Cyprus,London,Paris,New York,Dubai,Australia,New Zealand,UAE,Africa and many more.


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